Business’ innovation involves generating new ideas that result in a new product or improved ways of carrying out business processes, hence more productivity and staff retention. Every business should develop an innovative business culture to increase efficiency and performance, thus increasing business profitability. The ability of the company to innovate determines the survival and competitiveness of the business.

The following are five ways in which business leaders can improve their employees’ innovativeness:

  1. Encourage and support an innovative culture.

Business leaders should create an innovative culture by encouraging employees to be open, share ideas and explore new initiatives. Since employees fail…

Virtual workspaces are everywhere and it appears that remote work won’t be a temporary trend. Flexible offices have become the norm in almost every industry, from commercial real estate to entertainment production. Most people now want jobs that not only offer them flexibility in their schedules, but also in where they are able to actually perform the work.

In fact, remote work has become a major factor in home buying. People are making financial decisions to either renovate or remodel their homes in order to better accommodate remote work. Of course, there are many factors that help make remote work…

Choosing a charity can be challenging. There are numerous organizations and nonprofits, all with different causes. So how do you choose a charity to donate your time or money to? The first step is choosing what type of cause you’d like to become involved in. Many people would like to find ways to support the troops. Whether you’ve served yourself or have a veteran in your family, helping military veterans is a wonderful cause to align yourself with. If you’d like to make a difference in a service member’s or a veteran’s life then the next step is finding nonprofit.

Philanthropy programs in business involve financial contributions to society, donations to a specific cause, or employees volunteering their time to help or drive a cause. Many companies have embraced corporate social responsibility and are continuously dialing up their procedures to prioritize the activities. This factor is businesses have seen corporate philanthropy’s benefits for them, their employees, and the community. Here is how philanthropy is beneficial to a business.

Promote Company Image

Most people tend to align positively with companies that give back to the community that gives them business. They, therefore, develop a good impression of the company and will…

With more and more employees working from home, employers face challenges in maintaining a sense of unity and shared workplace culture. While this requires different strategies compared to promoting workplace culture in person, it is possible to make remote workers feel as though they are part of the team.

The first step is to fully understand the company values and to communicate those values to employees. Employers might need to step back and consider what those values are. For example, some companies may be more family-oriented while others might encourage a competitive atmosphere. …

To say that COVID-19 has had an affect on everyone would be an understatement. There isn’t a single industry that hasn’t been impacted by the virus. While there has been a significant rise in philanthropy over the past several decades the pandemic has created a major need for more giving.

As the nation experienced major shutdowns millions of American people were left out of work and without pay. Although so many were left struggling there was an immense number of those willing to offer a helping hand. People donated what they could to food banks and handed out meals, masks…

This year has been anything but normal. As the pandemic continues to unfold well into autumn many families are wondering how Halloween will be celebrated. In New Jersey children who look forward to trick-or-treating can breathe a sigh of relief as the Governor, Phil Murphy, has officially stated that Halloween will not be canceled. Despite the concerns that the coronavirus has caused New Jersey residents will be able to hit the streets for candy.

With that being said, Governor Murphy and the state Department of Health have provided guidelines for the revled holiday. For the families who are choosing to…

One of the most important skills a great leader can possess is effective communication. Leaders must have the ability to not only direct their team but to also inspire and motivate the people around them. In order to be effective as the person in charge, one must also be effective in communicating their ideas, goals, and expectations.

Here are a few important tips for effective communication.

Remain Objective

Maintaining objectivity is imperative in leadership. While a leader should acknowledge ideas that are presented to them, that is not quite enough, they must also actually consider everyone else’s perspectives. …

Have you ever heard of a community garden? Urban agriculture, sometimes in the form of community gardening is a fantastic way to improve the health of community members, as well as benefit the environment. If you’re someone who is often involved with civic engagement then consider bringing the idea of a community garden to your next virtual neighborhood meeting.

While the year 2020 has posed a number of challenges to support the ability of a community to garden, there are still many ways to see that it’s made possible. Interested parties can discuss things online and set up times for…

There is not a single industry left unaffected by the coronavirus. However, before the pandemic businesses were shifting their focus to allow for employees to perform their work outside of the office within more flexible schedules. Now, as companies continue to respond and adapt to the virus there is an exorbitant amount of technology that is helping people find solutions for improving their remote work.

Here are a few great tools that are helping people to improve their communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Skype, Zoom, and Slack

Sharing information and staying in contact is vital for the success of a business…

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Jerry Swon: seasoned financial consultant. family man, proud member of his community, golfer and sports fan.

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